Faith Christian Academy Tuition

Registration Fees:
$150 Per Student
$300 Per Family

Curriculum Fees:
2 Year-Kindergarten – $100
1st – 5th Grade – $300
6th – 8th Grade – $350

Tuition Discounts:
Oldest child pays full tuition
Each additional child receives a 10% discount

Chapel Shirts:
Infants to 5th Grade – $10
6th Grade to 9th Grade – $25

Payment Options

A. Annual – Due August 28th
B. Semester – Due August 28th and January 1st
C. 9 Month – Due September 1st through May 1st
D. 10 Month – Due August 1st through May 1st
E. Weekly – Due Mondays August through May

**Late fee $5 per day after the 10th of the month**

Because we are a non-profit organization and we operate on fixed expenses, credits are not given for a child’s absence. This includes childhood illness, family vacations, holidays and inclement weather.