Morning FCA Parents,
We are having a Fall Bake Sale this Saturday (10/29) at Eastgate Plaza in Wharton (in front of Palais Royal) and are in need of volunteers.  All of our teachers will be in training that day so we need some parents to please help!
Please bring your baked goods to school on Friday so the office can price them.  REMEMBER: Each family needs to bring a baked good.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and reply back if you are able to help work the Bake Sale.
We are going to try and be set up by 7:30am.  The last bake sale was a HUGE success so let’s all help out and have another successful one.  Flyer attached if you would like to pass it around, upload it to your social media etc.  Every little bit helps!
Thanks again!